Thursday, March 09, 2006

War of the Romantics VII - Camille Saint-Saëns (1835 - 1921)

Here for the seventh installment of the War of the Romantics is one of my personal favorites: Camille Saint-Saëns. Like most of the composers we have covered, Saint-Saens' musical life started early, giving his first piano recital at age five.
His life nearly covered the whole period of Romanticism, and he began to see the early signs of the period's demise as he died in the early 2oth century.

I have not heard a good portion of Saint-Saen's repertoire, but I have liked all that i have heard so far. His concertos are beautiful, inspiring, and considered by many critics to be technically flawless. Saint-Saens' "Carnival of the Animals", undoubtedly his most famous work ever, brings together both passionate melodies and fun melodies to create an amazing picture of, just that, a Carnival of Animals. The funniest part about the Carnival of Animals is that Saint-Saens hated it and thought it would damage his "serious" reputation.

However, I'm not going to post either his concertos or his Carnival of Animals tonight. Don't worry, you will see them soon, but I want to post a relatively unknown piece buy Saint-Saens: His Introduction to Rondo and Capriccioso for violin.
This piece is a showpiece, and like most of Saint Saens' music, is a perfect balance between fast and technically amazing passages and slow and passionate melodies. Like I said in my Bach post, single tracks do not come often, only when something truly special comes along. I hope that you agree that this piece is incredible.

And before i post the link there's just a few things I need to add:

Thanks to everyone who appreciates what we do here at Masterfade. We really enjoy this and we want you to enjoy it as well. However to further make this blog better and to your specifications we need you to do a few things:

1. Comment, Comment, Comment: There's nothing better to us then feedback, as long as it is put in a nice way. Sam always gives you guys his email and i will start doing so as well.
2. If you havent already, download the songs below. These links expire if they are not used within a certain amount of time. All the newcomers should take a look at the bottom, theres some really good stuff down there.
3. Vote in the poll below, its just one click of the mouse.

More votes and more comments means we have a greater chance of knowing what you guys want. We are all for requests and's just that lately we really have had little or none of either.

Enough of that, Here's what you really want: Introduction to Rondo and Capriciosso - James Ehnes

Hope you enjoy it.


At March 10, 2006, Anonymous Clive said...

I love the Saint-Saens. I am by no stretch an expert of his music either, but what I have heard, is wonderful. The Intro to Rondo and Capriccioso is wonderful.
Please sirs, may I have some more?
Nagoya, Japan

At March 10, 2006, Blogger Sam said...

Glad you like it... for some reason Saint Saens is hardly ever held in as high esteem as the other romantics. Be sure to cast your vote for Saint Saens in the next poll. If he wins, you'll definitely see the Organ symphony and cello concerto up here. If he doesn't, we'll post them later on anyway. And if you like other French music, you'll love the Faure stuff we have planned.

At March 10, 2006, Anonymous Clive said...

Cheers, thank you for all the great music and information too.
Nagoya, Japan

At March 11, 2006, Anonymous midiaz said...

great piece of work!

At March 16, 2006, Blogger Miss F said...

lack of comments is a topic explored in at least 4 other music blogspots I came across with seems that the general consensus is we are getting too busy downloading and hardly ever have time to comment! but you are right, it only takes a minute to post THANKs or something...

for my part i am kinda shy to comment because i don't have any useful or interesting musical feedback/comment to share... but since you said even just a simple thanks is OK, ill comment even more, no matter how simple (or even inane, hehe ^___^) they are.

I really love what you guys are doing. honestly i dream of expanding my classical music CD collection (in the fantasY of passing these to my future kids someday) but i am too afraid to take risks with full albums and just go with the "tRied and tested" great artists, you know, the really really famous 0nes. or the compilation of the best pieces from various artists.

but your blogspot provides me with wonderful opportunity to get out of my comfort zones and try something new. ^^* so I'm very happy with this Saint-Saens...

again thanks soooo muCh.... i hope m0re and more people disc0ver classicaL musiC.

p.s how about Bartok, Carla Orff, and that person who wrote GYMNATOPEIA? that piece is very charming and delightful. I found Carla Orff's CARMINA BURANA so haunting and lovely.

At March 19, 2006, Blogger Sam said...

Miss F, thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated. I know of no piece called Gymnotopeia, but Erik Satie wrote three Gymnopedies for solo piano- you hear them a lot as background music in movies. I love Satie and will definitely post those.

At March 22, 2006, Blogger Miss F said...

oh yes that's what im talking about, GYMNOPEDIES by Satie!!!damn, shouldve followed that nagging voice in my head to google it up!!!i guess i shan't be too spontaneous in posting comments, hihi ^__^


At May 01, 2006, Anonymous HAT said...

does anyone know why saint saens hated carnival of animals and onlylet the swan be played?! im doing a report on him, and thats one thing i need to cover...!!

At May 19, 2006, Anonymous Sibelius said...

Saint saens is the best composers, his piano concerto are fantastic(2 and 5) his 5 symphonies are really cute


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