Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Beethoven

Howdy, Masterfaders, here are more links to the poll's winner, Ludwig van Beethoven.

As requested- Piano Sonatas 28, 29 (The famous Hammerklavier is 28)- Richard Goode

Two outstanding overtures- Prometheus and Corolian overtures- Andre Previn and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Mp3 format

Heifetz plays the timeless Violin concerto in D

Piano Concertos 3 and 5- Alexander Sandler, piano ; Orchestra "New Philharmony", St. Petersburg ; Sergei Uruvayev, piano ; Orchestra "Classic Music Studio," St. Petersburg ; Alexander Titov, conductor.

If you download only one thing here, my recommendation is:
Triple Concerto for violin, cello and piano- Mstislav Rostropovich; David Oistrach; Sviatoslav Richter; Berliner Philharmoniker; Herbert Von Karajan

This very interesting concerto is an earlier work, written around the time of his third symphony, and shows his mastery of writing for all three instruments. The first movement is 18 minutes long, reflecting Beethoven's use of "increasingly 'meaty' sonata-form structures" (From


At March 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting more from (the original) Van the Man. His piano sonatas are marvels. (But don't tell Ludwig that I voted for Schubert, on the strength of his impromptus and piano sonatas and chamber pieces).

At March 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stefano here again. The two overtures you posted are in a format (wma) that my Mac and iTunes can't deal with. Any chance of some of them old-timey MP3 thingies?

At March 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

muchas gracias for the MP3

At March 14, 2006, Anonymous Korpus said...

triple concert
Stefano, use VLC plays everything.
free download
grtz from Argentina

At March 15, 2006, Anonymous DC said...

Great post! Thanks! Now that the poll is done, the question must be asked..Who is Masterfade's favorite Romantic?

At March 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for all this great Music !
Any chance that one day you post somes of my favorite composer : BARTOK ?

At March 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love this post. i really appreciate it. is it possible that you post some igor stravinsky's works?

At March 15, 2006, Blogger Miss F said...

I'm happy for Beethoven winning! I actually voted for him and guessed that he would win! ^____^

I agree with "anonymous" about Bartok. also, How about some Ravel, "Bolero"? I love that so much. I have a Ravel album on casette tape but I'm not sure if they;re complete.

Anyway, thanks for these Beethovens!! Music that makes my spirit soar...

At March 15, 2006, Blogger Sam said...

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At March 15, 2006, Blogger Sam said...

DC, I certainly don't speak for the other Masterfaders, but my favorite Romantic of the first bunch is Brahms. I was hoping Brahms would win so I could talk about his organ works and his brilliant double concerto, but I'm sure I'll get around to posting those eventually.

Both anonymouses, the War is kind of taking up a lot of our time, but I'll try to post Bartok and Stravinsky soon.

Miss F- It's funny you mention Bolero. Our orchestra is playing it and I've had it stuck in my head for around two weeks now. I will put Ravel on the list.

At March 16, 2006, Blogger Miss F said...

Bring on the Brahms! (wow, great alliteration isn't it?)

thanks SAm, Bolero is tantalizing and addictive.when i listen to it i am transported to a magical place and mystical dimension.The beauty of the song for me is that it sounds so earthy AND magical at the same time.

okay i will reserve my ravings for the actual post. Thanks~~~

At November 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Beethoven links are deleted. Could you reupload ? Thanks


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